How to Find Color From Image

Finding color from image is as easy as few clicks on your computer screen. Just look at example that I made on this page. You will see that I upload a cropped picture of my bike frame. I know that this bike was spray-painted with RAL 5015 paint so I’m using this image as a proof of concept.

Step 1:

Select the right tool. This site features several color picker tools which will help you to find color from image. As of now, you can choose from RAL, RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Sherwin-Williams colors.

Step 2:

Use “Choose File” button to select the image file on your device.

Step 3:

Do not use very large images, as they might delay the upload time. Also it is useful to crop the image for better pointing accuracy.

Step 4:

Position the mouse cursor over your desired area. Examine the enlarged pixels for precise adjustments, then click once you’re satisfied with the preview to capture the color and save your final results.

Step 5:

Examine the list of recently selected colors. These are the colors that you have just extracted from image on screen. Good luck!

Important notes:

• This image was taken outside in a natural light;
• No post processing was made (my phone camera did not edited the final image);
• White balace is set to “natural daylight” which matches the scene. Other options may add some color distortion;
• When using your mouse for pixel sampling, ensure you target an area without shadows or shimmer.


bike frame ral 5015