Dulux Color picker from image

This color finder will pick a dulux color from your uploaded image. The process is straight forward and you can start by using our demo image or just upload your own file.
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Matching Dulux color is easy when you can pick the samples straight from the photos that you have previously taken, or even screenshoted from pinterest. It is as easy as it sounds because the hard part, color matching, is done in the background. Our server recognizes the pixels from your image and sends them to backend processing, where they are matched to your desired Dulux color.

Dulux trade palette is very widely used and popular among interior designers, so no wonder we have been receiving requests to add this color picker option. Here it is, and if you have any requests, please let us know.

Color Picker (upload image):

• Step 1 - Upload your file.
• Step 2 - Point and click.
rgb(103, 74, 50)
27°, 35%, 30%
cmyk(0%, 28%, 51%, 60%)
rgb(198, 187, 181)
21°, 13%, 74%
cmyk(0%, 6%, 9%, 22%)

How extract Dulux values from image

Just like HEX color picker, this version of color picker will use your uploaded image as shade palette. This will allow us to process the color and find matches in different spectrums.
In this case, the target spectrum is a range of Dulux color catalog. Based on individual hex values we will then pick the winning match for every pixel that you need.

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